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Professional Development for Educators


Excellence in STEM Experiential Education (EXSEED) follows the vision of Dr. Richard Hart, MD, DRPH, President of Loma Linda University in a 2009 article written for Adventist Review titled: 

Charting a Different Future: A University President Assesses Higher Education in North America


EXSEED is an innovative and integrative program designed to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education in Adventist K-12 education. The program provides a platform for collaboration between K-12 and higher education.


The goal of EXSEED is to support and provide resources to K-12 educators in teaching the STEM disciplines. A Mission-Focused Learning (MFL) basis, which underlies LLU's educational efforts, is emphasized through art, spirituality, and service.

For more information, click on links for Remote Project-Based Learning (PBL); EXSEED's conferences, STEMinars, and partners.

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