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Be A Citizen Scientist!

Next weekend, April 24 - 27, 2020 is the 5th annual INTERNATIONAL City Nature Challenge!

In 2019 more than 150 cities participated, with over 35,000 people making almost one million observations of nature in the four days of the challenge.

Do you love nature?

Do you want to contribute to science? Do you need an excuse to get out in the sun after being cooped up in the house for a month?

You can help your city to win the competition, and at the same time you are helping scientists all over the world!

  • How to join: You can participate without leaving your backyard with this handy guide to attracting nature: Exploring Nature in and Around Your Home

  • Or you can take a social distancing hike, but the challenge is to find as many species as you can and add them to the iNaturalist CNC project in your location.

Get started with iNaturalist:

Download the California Academy of Science's Citizen Science guide to iNaturalist here.

If you are here in the Inland Empire in Southern CA, all of your sighting contribute to the whole region's tally.

For more information, visit

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